It's been a long while...

Well, I haven't been updating this page practically at all for a couple years. Maybe I haven't had anything to write about, I've been too busy, or something else. So I made some changes! First of all there is no more different pages for Finnish and English. If or when I write something it might be in any language that fits the situation. This is because of the fact that I haven't been writing here at all, and if the urge hits me then I don't need to worry about how and where to put it, translations etc.

So I'm going to see how this goes from now on. If I find something to write about, then I will, and if not then I won't stress about it. As a sort of an update I have started Arts Studies in the University of Turku, so let's see what that brings onto the table.

(Or I need to find another platform for the web page to serve it's purpose as a sort of a calling card in the internet...)